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This is a brilliant pair of sterling silver large dinner forks made by Gorham. They are the Chantilly pattern from 1895. This pattern features long, flowing scrolls. These forks have a monogram C. The condition is excellent with very light wear, used minimally and well cared for. One fork has some nicks across the top of 2 tines. Each fork's average weight is right around 2 troy ounces and measure 7 1/2 inches long each. The tines measure 2 1/4 inches long. These forks are marked with the standard lion, anchor and G marks, read 'Pat'd 1895 & STERLING'. Also, there is a T inside of a diamond where the handle meets the tines. The center leaf design on the under side of the fork almost touches the middle of the fork tine area, about 1/16 inch away. These dinner forks are the classic pieces to have in your sterling silver service and for any Gorham flatware collection.

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