MONT BLANC Meisterstuck 146 Fountain Pen
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This is a very handsome and prestigious fountain pen made by Mont Blanc. It is the Meisterstuck 146 or Masterpiece model. This is an older, vintage style pen with the single tone yellow 14k nib with the full view reservoir window on the barrel. The newer models have black stripes or veins in the window. The clip ring is inscribed 'W GERMANY'. There is no serial number as this pen was made before Mont Blanc used serial numbers. The barrel still has the factory sticker that reads: 'M, W. GERMANY'. This pen has never been inked or dipped and is in mint condition. There are 2 microscopic pin prick marks in the cap. They are almost undetectable and can possibly be polished out. It comes in its original suede-like covered plastic box made in W. Germany also. It is marked Mont Blanc, inside and out. There is no manual or warranty card. This pen was originally given as a gift and never used. This fountain pen will make an excellent addition to any Mont Blanc and fountain pen collection!
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