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These is a fabulous antique Limoges dresser powder box that is white satin porcelain or Parian ware. It is marked 'LIMOGES, FRANCE' and features a large classical scene on the lid and 4 other scenes around the base sides. The subject matter is much like Wedgwood Jasperware with cherubs playing etc. This box measures about 7 1/2 by 6 and is about 3 5/8 inches tall. It has a nice brass metal band and latch that is intact and the hinge works fine. It probably had brighter gilting on it which most has worn off but it still has nice detail. Inside, the porcelain is glazed which tells it probably has a utilitarian purpose, perhaps for powder. The condition is excellent with no chips or cracks or even wear marks on the porcelain. This unusual and large Limoges box is a 'must have' for any porcelain box collection!

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