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This is a rare and antique yearbook from Pomona High School, California from 1901, called 'The Cardinal'. It is a small booklet, about 80-90 pages total (pages aren't numbered). It measures 6 by 8 1/2 inches. It features a picture of the class of 1901 of course and the faculty of 8 people as well as a picture of the school. It talks about athletics and the cadets and has a poem about the Seniors. About a quarter of the booklet is advertising sponsors, like modern yearbooks. The condition is good to very good, considering its age. There is wear and yellowing. There is a string binding that is partially there but not holding the booklet together anymore. The cover seems like pressed, hand-made paper and has a look like crepe paper. It has some stains and has come apart from the binding of the book. This is a terrific, old piece of history of Pomona and Southern California and is a 'must have' for any year book collector!

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