Univ CAL SENIOR WEEK 1905 Book Berkeley
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This is truly a rare and unusual antique booklet for 'Senior Week' for the University of California for the Class of 1905. It is in Berkeley, Bay Area California. The booklet measures 12 by 4 1/2 inches.The title page reads 'Commencement Week'. It has about 30-40 pages (not numbered). There are no photographs, just drawings in the booklet. It features the Calendar of activities for the week and where events will be held. It mentions the Girl's Jinks, Senior Men's Banquet, Senior Ball, the Baccalaureate, the President's Reception and of course the Commencement program. The condition is fair to very good considering its age. The cover has wear and staining and corners missing. The pages inside have stains. The top left corner of the booklet has wear indents on the spine that have affected all the pages. This booklet is a wonderful piece of University history and is a 'must have' for the CAL Berkeley alumni or enthusiast!

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