2001 APEC Duke Fountain Pen Limited Edition
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Crown Fountain Pen Co., Ltd is a company manufacturing Duke Pens and other luxury pen brands. Duke was commissioned by the 2001 APEC Congress Group to create the national ceremony pen, designed especially for the attendees as a permanent souvenir for each of the APEC National leaders, including President George W. Bush. This pen features beautiful marble-like resin body with gold cloisonne depicting the outline of the city-scape of Shanghai, China, where the meetings were held. This pen also features a solid 18k gold nib. This pen was meticulously constructed with superb attention to quality fit and finish. This pen sells elsewhere on the internet for $500 to $600.

This is a new, unused, uninked pen complete with its outer box and even the outer sleeve. The pen is in perfect, mint condition. This Duke Pen was limited to a manufacture of only 2001 pens, each one individually numbered in the series. This pen is number 1961. The outer box has some loose corners with the paper covering split on 3 of the corners. Inside is the pen in an inner presentation box that is rosewood with a beautiful clear laquer finish. The lid of the rosewood box has warped which has caused a couple of seam splits and mis-aligned corners including one short drying crack. All this was caused by the wood not being properly seasoned before manufacture. Under this box is a leather case embossed with the Duke logo. This set comes with APEC Certificate, a booklet with description in Chinese and English about the pen and APEC, the last page has the number of the pen, 1961 embossed on it. Also included is a CD Rom commemorating the APEC summit.

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