Bausch & Lomb ZEPHYR 7x35 Binocular Like New
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This is a fantastic vintage Bausch and Lomb Zephyr model Binocular. This is a very rare configuration with dark brown finished metal and bakelite plastic parts with an alligator skin leather/fabric covering on the body. This item is absolutely mint condition as if you bought it yesterday. No scratches or wear marks and all the alligator covering is perfectly attached with no bubbles, lifting or tears. The left side has the Baush and Lomb diamond logo with the word ZEPHYR and 7 x 35. The right side is labeled Baush and Lomb, Opt. Co., Rochester, N.Y U.S.A. There is a serial number on the other side, PG6949. The optics are perfect, no scratches. I took them outside to test them and was surprised with the incredible quality of the image viewed. The image appeared extremely bright, sharp with a vivid sense of depth. I have looked through high grade modern binoculars before and I swear this pair is in the same league or better. What looks like a rough surface on the top of the pivots in the pictures, is actually grease residue that could be wiped off, and not a defect in the finish. The original split leather neck strap is on the binoulars, although a little dry, no cracks or tears. The original B & L leather case has a brass logo on the front. It is also in excellent condition but the leather straps have torn off on both ends. Inside the case is the original instruction booklet which has an original guarantee with matching serial number and date of purchase, August 22, 1960 written inside. These binoculars are 49 years old but look like they were made yesterday. It is not often you have a chance to buy a set rare set like these in this condition, don't let them get away!
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