SUPER CYCLONE 60 Model Airplane Engine 1947
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This is a great example of the Super Cyclone 60 model aircraft engine. Take a look at the photographs and you will see the excellent condition it is in. The mounting lugs show little evidence that it has even been mounted. The castings still have the original sheen. The piston and exhaust port are also very clean. All the assembly screw slots show no tool marks. The amber colored gas tank is very clear, no fractures, no cracks. Compression is beyond great, almost can't turn it over by hand but the shaft does move very smooth. Comes with a Champion V spark plug. I can read a serial number on the back crank case cover which is 11156. On the top of the cover seems to be a G on the left side and an R on the right. Above the R there appears to be a tiny 47, possibly indicating the year of manufacture. If it is a 1947, Anderson's Blue Book suggests that it might indicate that it is a Clemens Inferno Head for hot fuels. This would be a great example of a Cyclone for your collection or a powerful flyer for your vintage class competition. This is a rare engine in this fine condition!
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