Orig Authentic CIVIL WAR Sargent CHEVRONS Pr
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This is an original and authentic pair of sargent's chevrons from a uniform from the Civil War. We are selling these on a consignment for a customer and do not know the history or details about this pair. They appear to be made of wool felt, a material that is rough to touch. They are each 3 navy blue stripes sewn onto a black backing. The stripes are about 1/2 inch wide each. They are about 9 3/4 inches when measured at the widest when laid flat. The condition is very good to excellent. There is a light cut acoss the stripes at about the same distance from the edge of opposite sides of both pieces. It does not go through the black backing and possibly not totally through the stripes. It is a straight, clean cut as if with a razor blade or something similar. They hold together fine and do not look to be fraying at this spot. We have provided quite a few photos of these so you can get a good idea of their condition. These are a terrific piece of history and a 'must have' addition to any Union, Condederate or Civil War collector!

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