13500 FOX 35 Stunt 40th Anniv Engine NIB
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Everybody ought to have one of these! What a great little engine with alot of history behind it. This is the Fox 35 40th Anniversary Control Line engine new, unmounted, unfueled and still has the paper inspection tag on the prop shaft. It celebrates the 40th year that the Fox Stunt 35 has been in production in America. It was manufactured in 1988. This stunt engine has a wreath & ribbon design embossed on the bypass celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Fox company. Very popular engine. Comes in the original box decals, registration card & envelope, instruction sheet, parts list and a color catalog that has 'The Fox Story' with the history of the Fox manufacturing company on the back cover. Also included is a nice muffler. This engine has classic, vintage styling and is a 'must have' addition to any model airplane engine collection.

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