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This is a very cute bear figurine that is a souvenir of Yellowstone National Park that has a card attached that makes it mailable. This bear is in a plastic bag stapled to the card and it looks to be in mint condition. The package looks like it has never been opened but has possibly been stapled to something else at one time because the card has staples around 3 sides. The card and bag are worn and the card has creases on it. The staples attaching the bag to the card have some rust. The card has green printing on it that makes a space for who it is 'FROM' and who it goes 'TO'. It also has a space for the stamp which reads 'PLACE 3 cents STAMP HERE'. We do not know the age of this souvenir but this stamp amount is a clue that could date it at least before 1950's. The other side of the card has 'YELLOWSTONE PARK' stamped on it. It measures 3 1/2 x 2 inches. The bear is made of a hard, solid material with white fuzz on it for the fur. The eyes, nose, paws and ears are black for detail along with a red spot for the mouth. The bear is in a sitting position and measures 2 inches tall. This is a terrific vintage National Park item that will make a great addition to any souvenir or bear collection!
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