Double AMPUTEE Cabinet Photo San Francisco
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This is a rare and unusual cabinet card photograph of a well-dressed man who is a double amputee at or near the knees. He is standing on shortened crutches and is wearing a leather boot-like coverings that are decorated with 5-pointed stars. This photograph is from an estate from Eastern Oregon, in the John Day, Baker City area. Although the photograph was taken on Market Street in San Francisco, California, we believe he has some connection to the Swift family in Oregon. The family from whose estate this photo came from, only knew him as 'Uncle Stumpy'. The printing on the bottom of the card in black reads: 'Morse, 826 Market Street, S.F.' The condition of the photograph is excellent with a few minor soil spots. The backside is blank. This cabinet card dates c. 1870's-1880's. This is a terrific, very unique cabinet card that is a great addition to your photography, cabinet card collection!
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