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This is a wonderful collection of military memorabilia from World War I. The soldier, Dean Swift of Eastern Oregon, was in the Army from 1917 to 1919. He was a Private, 1st Class in the 371st Aero Squadron through the 25th Co., 7th Battalion, 166th Depot Brigade. He was stationed in England and was somehow connected with airplanes as he has a metal wings insignia on his hat. He was in the American Expeditionary Forces in 1918. There are 4 photographs of Dean for each year, including one labeled 1916. One from 1918 is a photo postcard of him in uniform with a hat on. The other 3 are snapshots of various sizes. All have his uniform on, one includes wearing his sidearm in the holster and another in front of his tent with his footlocker in view also. Next is his tan, wool hat with a metal wings insignia pin (possibly Army Air Service). They are copper/bronze in color and have the wings to the right and left and 2 propellor blades up and down. They measure 1 3/4 inches wide. There are 3 medals: the Victory Medal with one bar for ENGLAND, Service Medal for the State of Oregon and a Citizenship Medal with George Washington on the front and a red, white and blue ribbon attached. All are in good to very good condition with some wear on the ribbons. The next paper items are his original Discharge Certificate filled out and stamped APR 30 1919 and it has Dean Swift's signature. Along with this is a Western Union telegram and envelope, dated Jan 12, 1919, with a message to his 'Girl'(eventually wife), Dorothy Wisner of John Day area, Oregon. It reads: 'WILL BE ON THE NO 13 TODAY LOVE, DEAN X'. The other pieces of wartime memorabilia include: 2 field sewing kits (one with scissors), a belt with a magazine pouch (probably held 2 45 cal. magazines) and a well used all-purpose oilcloth pouch with a snap cover that looks like it can attach to the belt easily. This is a unique group of items that would make a great addition to any WWI or military memorabilia collection and adding to the value, is the history of it belonging to one soldier!

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