WWI TRENCH ART Photo Frame Sopwith Airplane
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This is a super great and very unique example of World War I trench art. It is a round wood picture frame made from a mahogany propeller boss plate from a Sopwith airplane. The impressed stamping around the wooden piece reads: '110 HP CLERGET SOPWITH D 2740 P 2120 R72 L P 710 G'. The 110 HP Clerget refers to the French engine used by Sopwith. The D 2740 means the diameter of the propeller is 2.740 meters. The pitch of 2.120 meters is shown by the 'P 2120'. The remaining numbers, we believe, have to do with timing information so the Vickers machine gun can fire in between the blades without destroying the propeller. It is decorated with vintage 1916 45 acp cartridges stuck into the wood frame which exposes the spent primers with headstamp J.16 VII. It frames a sepia tone photo of a woman. On the back side, a piece of wood painted black holds the picture in place and is kept closed with a hand cut piece of aluminum. We believe the person who made this piece of trench art is Dean Swift who was stationed in England and worked with airplanes in WWI. The person pictured is his girlfriend (eventually wife), Dorothy Wisner from the John Day, Oregon area. This frame is in excellent condition and measures about 8 inches in diameter. The opening for the picture measures 3 1/4 inches in diameter. Also, we have included a snapshot picture of Dean Swift in the military with his uniform on and in front of his tent. This is a terrific piece of trench art that is a 'must have' addition to any militaria as well as airplane collection. This item was part of an estate of Dean Swift that we are currently selling, along with other pieces of military memorabilia, pictures and other items of interest relating to this man from Eastern Oregon.

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