WWI Real PHOTO Postcard 2 Army SOLDIERS
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This is a great real photo postcard of 2 World War I Army soldiers. They are in uniform with no hats on with a dark background. They are sitting and seen from the chest up. This postcard is unused. Printed on the backside is 'A. E. Wrate, Photographer, Grantham, Skegness, Mablethorpe, etc.' This item was part of an estate of Dean Swift that we are currently selling, along with other pieces of military memorabilia, pictures and other items of interest relating to this man from Eastern Oregon. We believe the soldier on the left is Dean Swift. He was a Private 1st Class, stationed in England for World War I. He worked with airplanes while in England. This postcard makes a nice addition to any military, WWI or postcard collection!

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