TRACK FIELD TROPHY Oregon 1915 & RP Postcards
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This is a great trophy for a track and field meet in Eastern Oregon in 1915. The trophy cup is silver plated and screws into a nice black finished wood base. It measures 5 inches tall and the cup is 2 1/4 inches in diameter at the opening. It is in excellent condition with no dents. It has tarnish overall and we have not tried to clean or polish it. The cup is marked on the bottom 'Wilcox Silverplate Co.' and has the number 494. The wood base has a number 438. The trophy is engraved in 2 different fonts. It reads: '16th ANNUAL, Eastern Ore Track & Field Meet, La Grande, May 8-1915, HIGH JUMP'. Included with the trophy are 2 real photo postcards of the high school track & field teams from 1915 and 1916. The cards are unused and in excellent condition with only a few very minor creases in a couple of spots. The team in 1915 has 6 guys, one holding a trophy similar to this trophy but we believe it is bigger, perhaps the team trophy. This picture was taken indoors, in a gymnasium with gymnastics equipment in the background. On the back is written: 'Dean 1915 Center'. The second photo has 6 guys also and 3 are wearing their high school team letters. In typed letters on the top center of the front side faded, it reads: 'SENIORS '16'. Dean is located in this photo also, 3rd from the left. This photo looks like it was taken right on the track field. These items were part of an estate of Dean Swift of John Day, Oregon that we are currently selling, along with other pieces of military memorabilia, pictures and other items of interest relating to this man from Eastern Oregon. This is a terrific trophy to add to any collection and is a great piece of Eastern Oregon historic memorabilia as well!
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