Early E OREGON Cabinet Card BOY w/ Animal Toy
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This early cute cabinet card photograph is of Dean Swift from the John Day, Dayville area of Eastern Oregon. He is a little boy, dressed in what resembles a sailer suit, holding a small figurine of a cat or dog (it looks like either). This cabinet photo measures 4 1/4 by 6 1/2 inches and is in excellent condition with all the original sheen. There is no printing on the card but on the back of the card in pen is written: 'Dean, at: 1899'. Dean Swift is the son of Mary Jane Le Bret and Ward Swift. The Swift's were one of the early pioneer homesteader families of the Grant County, Oregon area You can read about these early pioneer families of Eastern Oregon below.http://www.gesswhoto.com/dayville.html.This item was part of an estate of Dean Swift, son of Ward Swift, a member of another early pioneering family in Eastern Oregon, that we are currently selling, along with other pieces of military memorabilia, photograhs and other items of interest relating to the Swifts from Eastern Oregon. This is a great addition to any cabinet card or historical Oregon collection!

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