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On Hold


This original old photograph shows a man standing by his 8-horse team which are harnessed up to pull a double covered wagon. The lead horses are wearing a collar of bells. The cowboy's riding horse is also standing by in the picture. In the background are some hills and a few old buildings, possibly his home. The 6 inch by 8 inch sepia toned photo is mounted on an 8 x 10 gray backboard. The photograph has some minor scratches and a slight tear at the top. The backboard has 2 pin holes in the top corners. The 2 left corners are heavily worn. The 2 right corners are much better. The Cowboy in the picture is Ward Swift. His name is penciled in on the back of the card with a date that reads: 'about 1905'. This photo comes from an estate of the Swift family that lived in Eastern Oregon, John Day, Baker City area. We currently have 2 cabinet card photos of this same cowboy, one by himself with a cigar and the other is a group shot with 5 other cowboys. For historical reference we offer the following information: Ward's son, Dean Swift, served in the 371st Aero Squadron and the 166th Depot Brigade in WWI. See our other items for sale to see these pictures.

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