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This rare and unique photograph with personal salutation signed by Harry S. Truman, while he was President on August 8, 1947, documents interesting history of the Truman administration. First of all, this is not a photograph of President Truman the person. It is a photograph of the portrait painting of Harry S. Truman painted by Greta Kempton in 1947. This painting, the official Truman Portrait, today hangs in the White House along the Grand Staircase, often used for ceremonial occasions. If you look at the photos, in the lower left corner, you can see the painter's signature, Greta Kempton. Also note, on the white matte to which this photograph is mounted, is Ms. Kempton's actual signature and date, 1947. To the right of her signature is President Truman's salutation that reads 'To my good friend George Killion with kindest regards Harry Truman White House Aug. 8, 1947'. The entire salutation is in Truman's personal hand writing. Besides being Truman's personal friend and advisor, George Killion was a shipping magnate and was President of American Presidential Lines. Mr. Killion, with his personal donation and those of his business associates, raised $12,000 to commission Greta Kempton to paint this famous portrait of President Truman. This photograph of that portrait, that includes the artist's signature, with his own personal remarks, was the President's way of thanking Mr. Killion for making the Portrait possible. You can read more about this history in the transcripts of an interview with Truman's Secretary of the Treasury, John W. Snyder. This interview is at the Truman Library web site at http://www.trumanlibrary.org/oralhist/snyder16.htm . This photograph measures 7.3 inches by 8 inches and is mounted to a white matte that measures 7.3 inches by 9.4 inches. This photograph has no creases and is in excellent condition except for a few minor spots only visible when light reflects off the surface in a particular way. The matte has 2 creases near Kempton's signature and 1 minor crease through Truman's salutation. Unfortunately, the backing matte was trimmed on 3 sides, left, right and top, sometime in its life. In the trimming, a minute sliver of the photograph was also trimmed, but the lower left and right corners of the photograph are still intact which verifies that only a sliver of the image was trimmed. The lower right corner of the backing matte still has the original factory rounded corner. Fortunately, Greta Kempton's and Harry Truman's signatures are preserved in their entirety. The 3 trimmed sides, can be covered when this photograph is properly framed and matted. The back side has several spots where the backing matte had been glued to an album sheet at one time. This piece of memorabilia of the Harry S. Truman Presidential administration is truly a one of a kind item. It possesses historic insight into President Truman's personal and public life. This item is guaranteed to be authentic as described and not a reproduction or fabrication of any kind.

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