CHALKWARE Hunter BOY w/ Rifle and DOG CUTE!
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On Hold


This is a wonderful vintage chalkware figurine of a cute, rosey cheeked boy that is hunting, holding his rifle or shotgun and has his dog by his side. He wears a 'Stetson' hat and has large boots and resembles the popular Hummel kids. The details are hand painted and this figure has a glossy finish. It measures 8 1/4 inches tall. The condition is excellent with no breaks. There are some paint chips in various spots on the piece, mostly tips or high spots. Also, there are fine cracks in a couple of spots that look to be just in the thick paint and finish on the piece. One is around the neck and the other is around the leg without the dog. They are much like 'crazing' in the finish of a pottery piece. We do not know the manufacturer of this piece and the only mark is in red pencil, crayon on the bottom of a foot that looks like a price that was handwritten. This is a darling piece to add to any chalkware, hunting or dog collection!
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