CRATER LAKE Bottle Opener with Indian Chief
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This is a unique souvenir from Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. It is metal & possibly silver plated. We do not know for sure. It seems to be an earlier plating process much like the quadruple plating seen on early pickle castors & tea sets. One end has an opening that is the bottle opener. The other end has a design with an embossed profile of the head of an Indian Native American Chief with full headdress. Curved around the left side of the Indian are the words CRATER LAKE. This bottle opener is in very good condition. It has some wear spots & surface scratches on the plated top layer. The Indian design shows very minimal wear & has a nice patina. This souvenir bottle opener is 4 inches long & 1 1/2 inches wide. This is a great souvenir to add to any collection of National Park or Indian memorabilia.
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