Very Colorful Woven INDIAN BLANKET Rug
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This is a beautiful Indian rug. We dont know enough about rugs to say if it is Navajo or even Indian, & we have been told it could be South American. It is tightly & superbly woven with colorful & very unusual geometric designs. This rug is really a beautiful piece of art. The rug has a rectangular design in the center along with a similar design in a large, bold border around the edge with fringe on 2 sides. It features 11 great looking colors. These include yellow, dark blue, light blue, brick red, salmon, peach, gray, black, brown, cream & the dominant color is maroon. This blanket is large & measures 52" x 81" (4-4" x 6-9" ). It is in excellent condition. There is 1 small, round hole about 1 1/2" across. Also, there has a few very light stains, one of which is a little darker & measures about 4" across. The stains are not very noticeable on this rug and may come out very easily. This is a truly wonderful & unusual hand woven textile artwork & is a must have in any rug collection!
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