Ohio Art MAGNASTIKS Magnetic Construction Builder Plays
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This is a creative & unusual construction game made by Ohio Art. It is called Magnastiks. It is a builder playset which has 4 magnetic metal platforms on which you build different creations with various shapes & sizes of metal pieces. They are all held together complete with the power of magnets. You learn about magnetism as you construct fun designs. This construction toy is in excellent condition. It has the instructions & complete box with a handle like a carrying case. It has pieces in 16 of the 17 different sizes & shapes of metal included. The only size completely missing are the 1/8 inch cubes (pretty small pieces). There is some minor wear on the corners & edges of the box & the cardboard on the inside of the top of the box is pushed in slightly leaving some very small creases in the corners but this does not detract from the piece at all. The box measures 12 1/2 inches x 9 1/2 inches & is 2 5/8 inches deep. This truly is a fun & creative game playset. We have found ourselves constructing with it a few times already! It is a must have for the Ohio Art toy collectors.

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