MARX Tin Litho Electric Train M10005 w/Box
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This is a wonderful MARX Tin Litho Electric Train M10005 set with its original box. It is Union Pacific with a Streamliner design locomotive and 4 other 2-wheeled cars and dates to the late 1930's to 1940's. The graphics are a great cream and green color with orange trim. The cars are labeled 'RAILWAY EXPRESS AGENCY, UNITED STATES MAIL, RAILWAY POST OFFICE', 'LOS ANGELES', 'OMAHA' and the last car is labeled 'SQUAW BONNET'. This last car has a rounded back end with observation windows around the back and red reflector 'lights' on the left and right in the back. The transformer works fine. Overall, the condition of this train set is excellent with some very light wear and scratches in various spots. Be sure to check out all of the photos. The locomotive runs strong and its light lights up. It is missing one of its metal contact plate in the center between the 4 wheels. You just need track to set this terrific, vintage railroad train under your Christmas tree this year to start a new tradition!
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