O & R Ohlsson & Rice Custom 60 Engine
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This is an early Ohlsson & Rice Custom 60 model airplane engine that appears to be in absolute mint condition, probably never been fueled or run. This O & R engine turns over very smoothly and has incredible compression. It has a painted head and bears the copper eagle 60 emblem on the front of the engine. The fuel tank is clear & perfect. It has an unsoldered lug on the points. This unit has a serial number imprinted on the back, No. 4419. It comes nicely mounted on a wooden stand so it is ready for display in your collection or use it in one of your vintage model airplanes. It includes an auto-lite M-2 spark plug. The castings on this engine have the original sheen. Please take time to look at all the photos. This is a very nice engine.

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