American Brilliant Cut Glass BOWL Flowers
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This is a lovely and unusual ABP American Brilliant Cut Glass low bowl with upright, short sides. We do not know the maker or pattern for this piece. It has a saw-toothed, stepped edge. It features cut and etched daisy type flowers and leaf sprays. In the center of the dish is a 12-pointed star with a hobstar in its center. This bowl measures 8 inches in diameter, is 2 1/4 inches tall and is 3/8 inch thick. This bowl is in excellent condition, very clear and bright. No cracks, with the typical few tips with points chipped. There are some wear/rough spots on various other tips around the bowl and 1 tip that is misshapen with about a 1/4 inch chip on it. Other than this, he edge is very nice. This is a beautiful floral pattern dish to add to any brilliant cut period glass collection!
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