Limoges CIGARETTE Trinket BOX Gilt Insect
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On Hold


This is a wonderful square/octagonal box that is limoges porcelain. It could be a vintage cigarette or trinket box. It features gold gilt detailing on the classic white porcelain. The central design is a moth insect inside a wreath. The box measures about 2 inches tall and is about 3 1/4 inches square. It is in excellent condition with some light wear and scratches to the gold detailing on the top side. This piece is marked with a hand written N with a crown over it in gold on the bottom. We do not know the maker of this piece. Included is a picture of a grouping of Limoges porcelain pieces from the same estate that have the similar pattern with the moth insect. This is a wonderful addition to any limoges, box or smoking collection!
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