RP Stereoview Indians by a Tee Pee
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This is an early stereoview card with no title but features a group of 5 authentic indians with weapons such as a bow and arrow and an ax. One has what looks like a drum that sits in front of him. They are all in front of a large tee pee. This card is curved and yellow in color and reads 'B SERIES' on both ends. There is nothing on the back side which is yellow also. The real photo stereoview images and card are in poor condition. The left image is in the best condition. It looks as if the card has been in a chemical on the right side that left a stain across the image and has almost disintigrated the card on the back side. The left & right sides of the card have tears that look like bites taken out of it. Despite the card's condition this photograph of early indians makes a wonderful piece of historic memorabilia to add to any Native American or photography collection!

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